Battle Pass Studio

We build companies.
Brick by brick.

How we started

The genesis behind the BattlePass Studio concept lays in several unsuccessful startups and lots of missed opportunities. Some say that failing is a sure path to success. We tend to admit that. Making mistakes and learning the hard way proved to us that there should be a better way of building businesses.  

As a venture builder, we joined forces with specialists and companies offering the full spectrum of knowledge & services new companies need. We have created a unique model of cooperation between the BattlePass Core Team, the Advisory Team, and the BP Business Network to provide the right tools our teams need to survive. By doing so we rapidly reduce the startups’ failure rate and we help founders learn faster and more cost-effectively.

Why do we call BP a “startup studio”?

The startup studio model is designed to bridge the gap between ideas, knowledge, and capital. And do it fast!

Compared to the accelerators’ model it offers deeper engagement and a longer partnership between the venture builder and startups’ teams. Startup Studios are focused on delivering some specific services and smart capital in the very early stages of a startup, compared to the VCs who feel comfortable investing in companies with a proven model and some traction. The studio is often listed as a co-founder and acts as one.