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Hi, I’m Stoyan Angelov
an Investor

Founder and CEO of www.evedo.co - the first in the world ecosystem and marketplace for event organizers, performers, rental companies, sponsors, nightclubs and venues and attendees.


What I Do

Founder & CEO of Evedo

We are building ecosystem of the future for events and event organisers.


I invest funds, know-how and work in different startups and projects. Check out my portfolio.


See on which conferences I will be speaking and we could meet, as well some recording from the past.

About Me

Stoyan Angelov

Stoyan Angelov, recognized in Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” is a prominent serial entrepreneur and the esteemed Founder and CEO of Evedo’s Ecosystem. With a focus on integrating advanced technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, SoulBond, and the Metaverse, he has significantly transformed the event and entertainment sectors. As an influential angel investor, Stoyan has contributed to the growth of over 10 startup companies. His leadership at Evedo exemplifies his dedication to driving innovation and scaling value in the global technology arena.

Reimagine Events & Entertainment


Elevating Communities Through Web3

Evedo combines the potential of the newest blockchain tech into an ecosystem of products, providing complete solutions to all actors in the event & entertainment industry.

A Growing System Of Tools Uniquely Positioned To Remove Roadblocks & Make Your Life Easier

Evedo Ecosystem

The Global Event Platform for Social Explorers

Plentix streamlines the event organization process and connects social explorers by  discovering, booking, and sharing events.

The Minting & Auction Platform for Fragmentable NFTs

The Fragmint Platform provides a unique way of conceptualising, minting, and auctioning NFT’s combining fragmented art and DAO structures

The Ultimate Hub for all Events Participants

See how our design improvements on an e-learning platform led to higher engagement, better retention rates, and improved learning outcomes.

Get Yourself & Your Ideas Funded.

We are helping performers and creators fund their ideas using the DeFi application of blockchain.

Investments & Advisory

My Portfolio

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4-7 March 2024, Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center, Malham, Saudi Arabia

16 November 2023, Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center, (RFECC), Saudi Arabia.

30-31 May, Online

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In Medias


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Startups At Times Of Corona Crisis Vol. 3: Events Industry And Evedo’s Pivot Towards A Webinar Platform

Стоян Ангелов за предизвикателствата и възможностите на блокчейн базираната платформа за събития Evedo

The challenges and opportunities of the blockchain based platform for events Evedo


Тази ТЕХНОЛОГИЯ ще промени СВЕТА! – Стоян Ангелов

Evedo Shakes up the Online Event Industry

Stoyan Angelov presents Evedo at Sofia Crypto Meetup #43


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Stoyan Angelov

Serial Entrepreneur